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WATCH THIS JA [18 Dec 2009|01:50pm]

And all under $300? I call B.S. unless all those people worked for free. :/

Still a good watch though if you like sci-fi stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you're bored.
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Pokemon Movie Z!!! [12 Dec 2009|12:06am]

OH SHI--!!!!!!!!!

Trailer: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/trailer/index.html#/trailer
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I'm still alive jajaja [04 Dec 2009|05:33pm]
Sorry for being on hiatus.

Ok so I have a lot of things to do today, I just want to share you guys this "emo-rific" BAWW story about a girl who loves to draw.


Extremely sad. ;o;


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ugh [15 Nov 2009|03:13am]
Things are seriously not going the way as planned. FML.
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Birds are evil [08 Nov 2009|10:36pm]
Fucking birds. A bastard bird shit on me while at the Zoo.

...Oh how I loathe them.

In other news I played Dragon Age and Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 is one game EVERY SINGLE PLAYSTATION 3 OWNER SHOULD PLAY. I kid you not; that game is without a doubt a 10 out of 10 in my book. GO PLAY IT. You will seriously not regret it.

Because of that game, I want to become a treasure hunter.

Dragon Age in the other hand; well it has its moments. Oblivion mixed with ... oh I don't know.... World of Warcraft practically justifies this game. Single player that feels like a MMO; a various amount of choices to make in this game, extremely limited character customization, poor graphics, but intriguing story and enjoyable NPC's leaves me enjoying this game but not as much as Uncharted 2.

P.S. I became a Psychic pokemon Gym Leader.
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Unique ways to cure a sickness. [02 Nov 2009|12:27am]
I'm a little ill but it's not that bad. I had to return Tekken 6 today and since Jess purchased Resident Evil 5, I started playing with her. It was fun heh.

Strange. When you're sick there are a couple of unique ways to heal yourself. I decided to take one suggestion, which was too look at something perverted, IE. picture of a beautiful girl in a bathing suit or something exceptionally more perverted than that and felt slightly better though also aroused. Hah. Well, I'm less ill now but still, I'll try it again if I ever get sick.

I'm continuing to read Mysterious Girlfriend X and can't help but fall in love with that series. Both characters are great and I can't help but feel emotionally attached to this manga. It plays with my heart ever so much. It's amazing.

I'm losing more battles on pokemon. I'm completely losing my edge and I'm getting more and more upset at myself.

I don't think I'll be able to finish Resident Evil 4. Frankly, I'm still at the beginning but since Dragon Age: Origins comes out next week, and since I still want to get Uncharted 2 and Pokemon Battle Revolution and since I'm still playing Resident Evil 5 with Jess and MGO; I just don't think I'll be able to find time to play RE4 anymore. It's upsetting but what can I do?

Lastly, I'm going to the San Diego Zoo on Tuesday or Wednesday. How exciting.
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Six Flags + Uncharted 2 + WTF JUST HAPPENED!? [01 Nov 2009|10:06am]
So I'll be quick.

I went to Six Flags during Halloween. Glad to see it wasn't packed at all. We practically finished all of the good rides before 3PM. Although we were having fun... my friend had the audacity to make a stupid bet amongst everyone else in the group.

"Whoever chunks (throws up) first loses and drives back home".

I didn't take part but everyone had a huge lunch at Panda Express. OM NOMNOMNOMing their way to a completely empty bowl. Then came the "X2" ride. Anyone who's familiar with this will know that if you eat a huge meal and get on that ride, it's almost inevitable for you to throw up.

Needless to say, they nearly all dead. I was almost sprayed with their throw-up. God Dammit.

Well, I decided to drive back since most of the group was ill and the non-ill one couldn't drive.

Not a fun experience.

Ahhh, Uncharted 2 was great btw. My friend let me play it at his home where it's nearly gamer heaven. (He seriously has all the games you could think of and ALL the systems). I was curious about Uncharted 2 so I asked him to put it on for me.

Uncharted 2 has incredibly amazing graphics anyone can ever think of. With HD, this game is superb and no other game can ever compete with it's graphics. The visuals... OMG. Plus, it's like a movie, and more than 10 hours long. Yes, I'll definitely be getting this game.

My friend also suggested that I make a Japanese PSN account on my PS3 so I can play Japanese games like Bayonetta already. I'll be doing that now.

Oh and bad news; I didn't win a Pokemon tournament. EFFF!
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Green Lantern #47 + Gotham City Sirens #5 + Blackest Night #4 [29 Oct 2009|12:07pm]
@GL47: I couldn't help but LOL hard when I saw Larfleeze running away from the Black lanterns.

@GCS5: Ah. Ok so where the hell is he?

@BN4: Ok so Scarecrow huh? What's that all about?
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Tekken 6 [28 Oct 2009|09:35pm]
Ok, Leo is my new favorite character.

BTW the pronunciation for his name is the same as mine. :3


I always wanted to play this ;o;
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Rented Tekken 6 [28 Oct 2009|08:02am]
Played one hour of it. It was at the last minute I knew... that I'm getting tired of fighting games. >.<

Well, I'm trying out the new characters and I have to say I'm enjoying Leo and Alisa. Haven't bothered using Bob or Lars yet. Miguel and Zafina are fun too but I think I prefer the other two. Miguel, the "Brawler from Spain", and Zafina, the most flexible character on Tekken 6.

Ah, I'm practicing my ass off with Dragunov, Asuka and King. I just realized I completely lost my touch. I got my ass kicked way too badly online. Fortunately not a lot of people lag when you battle online.


Erm. Checked out a hentai video called Hitou Meguri.

...First hentai that made my heart cringe. Never knew a hentai movie could do that.
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Meme + Top 10 stuff + Games + other stuff [26 Oct 2009|09:48am]
Wow ok so a lot of stuff happened. Let's get the meme out of the way first. Stole this one from rikasaurus

Step 1:
Spell your name out in songs.

Love me Dead - Ludo
Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
One winged Angel – Final Fantasy VII
New Born – Muse
Enter the Sandman - Metallica
Let’s dance – David Bowie

The rest of the memeCollapse )

So a couple of things have been happening that I have neglected to blog about. First off, live streaming is just oh so fun. I managed to watch Paranormal Activity, (3 times), District 9, Trolls 2, Evil Dead, and other films that are just so much fun to watch. I want to live stream too jaja.

Also, I checked out Windows 7 and it feels like a mixture between XP and Vista, though more similar to XP which is a good thing. Did any bugs mess up the computer? No. I have not received any problems whatsoever.

Moving right along, I'm currently playing Resident Evil 4 and just killed a big ass fish. It actually took me a while to notice that you could actually MANEUVER your damn boat while it's getting pulled. So rather than just aiming at the fish like the dolt I am, I could have conserved health and dodge all his attacks and what not. Ugh. Oh well.

In recent news, a 29-year-old Virginia man was charged for indecent exposure for being naked... at HIS OWN HOME. Apparently a mother and her child was walking along and spotted him through a window, which the Virginia man has stated, "Yes I wasn’t wearing any clothes but I was alone, in my own home and just got out of bed. It was dark and I had no idea anyone was outside looking in at me."

So I'll remember never to be naked at my own home.

Two other cuts will ensue. First off...

Top 10 Cutest Girlfriend Traits!Collapse )


Top 10 Traits of a 'Herbivorous' ManCollapse )
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Where the Wild Things are [19 Oct 2009|11:47pm]
Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.

Watched where the wild things are and well, I came out with mixed feelings toward the film. Surely you've read on your friend's list of people stating, "Where the Wild Things Are is NOT for kids", and they're right. It's not. A kid film would be for Max, the main character of the film and novel, to have a happy life in the commencement of the film. He doesn't. Frankly, my friends and I can relate to some of his problems when we were at that age, and it isn't memories we are fond of. To me, it's a tad audacious for its refusal to be supportive at the beginning which is what tickled me a bit.

Throughout the film we see Max venture into the colorful world of the Wild Things. Most of the film has Max trying to make friends with the Wild Things, them accepting Max as king, and how surprisingly violent Carol is, (voiced by famed Soprano James Gandolfini).

The film didn't leave any impact on me emotionally like the way Marley and Me has. Btw; sorry to digress but I just saw Marley and Me not to long ago and that movie... oh man I seriously shed manly tears.

Anyways, I'm not saying it's bad, actually I would recommend it seeing how a lot of people I know are praising the film. It IS a good movie, but it's not something I'd praise.

"Don't go... I'll eat you up, I love you so." < I love this line. I really do.
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Top 10 Male Traits Which Make Women Say “Why?” [17 Oct 2009|05:47am]
When I get bored, I just visit random sites and this one caught my interest.

Ladies, is this true?Collapse )
I pulled an all-nighter playing pokemon. Time goes WAAAAY too fast when I play this stuff. Seriously, it's like, OMG, it went from 2am to 5am what felt like an hour to me! It's amazing I tell you D:

...Ugh, I swear, if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't be playing pokemon this way.
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Yes I know i'm posting too many youtube videos [16 Oct 2009|04:27am]
You may complain here D:

But in the mean time, ANOTHER YOUTUBE VIDEO.
Sex Sales Apparently for Tekken 6Collapse )

Oh and are you curious and wondering, "When people look at me, do they immediately identify that I'm an otaku?" Well here's a list to help people know if you are one.
10 ways to spot an otakuCollapse )
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This is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen... [16 Oct 2009|02:09am]
You D'AWWW, You Lose. But seriously, this is so freaking cute!

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Hey wake up man. [15 Oct 2009|05:20am]
Game Meme! Yay~Collapse )

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Super long japanese video yer [13 Oct 2009|11:19pm]

Nice video.

I really should stop caring about what people think. It's making me more and more timid.
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Queen is a good band c: [13 Oct 2009|07:01pm]

"Don't stop me now" w/ Phoenix Wright & Elite Beat Agents - So effing awesome.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" - A Neon Genesis Evangelion AMV; quite frankly the BEST AMV of all. :3


In other news, I have nothing else to say.
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Random + Pic Dump (Azumanga Daioh + Batman!) [09 Oct 2009|02:19am]
Thanks Jessers for helping me a little to talk to girls. Ah hah, yes I am a seriously incredibly shy person. If I talk to a girl, I get rather nervous.

And on another note; I seriously need more Icons. I posted in a couple "emo-ish", "tragic" LJ posts with the same icon so... yeah.

I need more icons with different expression. :/

I might buy myself the premium account thingy.

Oh and um, we're blowing up the Moon. LOL no joke. I think you'll be able to see it this Friday.

I'll be playing Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky. YAY!


Azumanga Daioh's has received 3 new volumes and I wanted to preview some of them.
That and some batman cuteness.

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One more week... + ZombieLand [08 Oct 2009|03:43am]
One more week until... until... hopefully the best damn movie to come out this season. Please, please, please do not disappoint. This one is actually one I'd wait til midnight for. Seriously. I dunno if anyone else would come with me but I know for a fact that I'll be going.

Where the Wild Things Are. <3333

Oh, also I watched ZombieLand and I LOL'D HARD!! This was so worth the $10, and love the special guest cameo of "the person whom owns the mansion". Seeing him made me LOL even harder. I agree with Woddy's character, he is beyond better than Tom Cruise.

Also watched Year One, (which unfortunately sucked), Trick R' Treat, (which wasn't as scary as I hoped but fun) and will watch the "Girlfriend Experience" later tomorrow.

Oh and it's comic book day today so I need to buy some comics. Which ones? Probably just Batman & Robin and maybe some Marvel comics. I checked the release list and I didn't see anything worth purchasing.

P.S. I returned Dead Space. I need to buy it again though. Surely those who shop at Gamestop know what I'm talking about.

P.S.#2, don't want to forget thanking Amy for the awesome icon. Thanks Amy!

[edit] Thinking about becoming a pilot. Seriously.
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